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Waterfall Clock Weather Widget


☀Waterfall Clock Weather Widget ☀ is the prettiest widget for your home screen. Are you truly fascinated and intimidated by water and waterfalls? And do you need a beautiful clock that displays the weather conditions outside! Download “Waterfall Clock Weather Widget” as soon as possible and beautify your screen. You will love this weather and clock widget inspired with waterfalls.10 digital clocks that show the weather forecast, 5 unlocked and 5 locked. Every day new clock is available. Put wonderful clock and weather widget on your home screen.Top widgets of different sizes and shapes.Easy to use for adults and children.Add widgets to beautify your screenIf you love waterfalls! Download ☀Waterfall Clock Weather Widget ☀ and let your phone look pretty. A clock widget that displays the time, the date and even the weather offers different color themes to choose from. It has many interesting functions and it is very easy to use. Weather widget includes information like high and low temperatures, humidity, pressure, cloudiness and wind speed. These are the best Android™ weather apps and weather widgets for every taste! ☀Waterfall Clock Weather Widget ☀ free “digital clock widget” is waiting for you to quickly beautify your phone screen!
Keeping in mind that everyone has their own taste and preference in design, this compilation has a wide array of simple, complicated, elegant and beautiful clock and weather widgets to choose from. Just imagine standing next to a gigantic waterfall! Imagine the amazing sight of flowing water! Get accurate and beautiful weather forecasts widget!
Throughout the world, people have an enduring fascination with waterfalls. Awesome “weather widget” inspired with waterfalls is ready for free download. With free widget you will have cool digital clock that shows the weather forecast. “Clock widget” that shows the highs and lows of daily temperatures and forecast. This pretty widget shows the weather forecast in Celsius and in Fahrenheit degrees.
Nature has given a lot of good to people, and waterfalls are perhaps the most valuable of all. Get widget with background covered with famous waterfalls such as Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls and Angel Falls. ☀Waterfall Clock Weather Widget ☀ lets you add clocks to your screen. If you want to see weather temperature just download this cool widget and see whether outside is dry, sunny and worm or rainy, windy and cold. Is it raining or snowing, it will be shown on your screen. World weather and local weather will be displayed on your screen. Waterfalls, the extraordinary natural phenomena and locations where one can encounter the amazing dance of stone and water, have always sparked man’s curiosity. Just select your favorite design and get an awesome “digital clock” for your new Samsung Galaxy phone. No need to watch the weather channel, you will see the weather conditions on your screen.
Knowing the weather forecast is essential to making sure you don’t go outside without umbrella when it’s raining out, or to forget your sunglasses when outside is hot and sunny. Thankfully, there are many great and very attractive weather apps that you can keep on your Android™ device so you’ll never be left out in the rain again. *Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.*This widget is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.